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Fenesta Building Systems (DCM SRIRAM Group):


Having pioneered the design, manufacture, installation and service of precision-engineered, 100% customised uPVC and Aluminium windows and doors, Fenesta is a part of Rs 7771 crore, 1889 Est. DCM Shriram Group.

Fenesta has managed to harness a deep knowledge of the Indian market and global technologies to produce and install over 2.5 million windows. Furthermore, the diverse capabilities of Fenesta have helped launch distinctly innovative product series. Establishing itself as India’s no. 1 brand for windows and doors, Fenesta has a presence in more than 327 cities in India, Bhutan, and Nepal.

Project Type

  • Windows Manufacturing Process Automation Software from Order to Hand-over


  • Manufacturing, Windows Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management


  • Asp.Net, .Net, SQL, Boostrap, MVC


Tracking variance in the manufacturing process was a challenge as company did not have any such automation tool to track. They need a based software to track the variance between standard and actual time taken in different stages of development of the windows of different kind. Windows mapping and development passes though many stages of manufacturing where each state of production has some predefined time to complete its task but it does not happen always that the assigned task get completed within standard time. So there will be a variance between actual and standard time which needed to be tracked.


Target was to develop a software tool that will have:

If a client creates an account and logged-in, he will be able to see the history of packages and book pick-ups with just one click. For this purpose:

* Clearly defined KYA’s, expected time taken and actual time taken at each stage of the supply chain.

* Multi-level user management for each stage of the SCM for stage manager and the approver.

* Variance reporting with reason.

* Real-time updates across the supply chain process if there is an delay in any stage of the manufacturing or supply chain stage.

* Effective management of external vendors and time TATs.

* Checker-maker system for role assignment.

* Log management for any variance in standard process.

* Extensive multi-lever reporting with graphical representation for variance detection.

* Monthly, weekly and custom reports for each stage or entire O-2-H SCM.

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AHA Technocrats and team have hands on knowledge of software and designing applications. He gave intelligent inputs on the Fenesta application structure and ease use for the end customer.

– Rohit Sharma,
Head Marketing, Fenesta Building Systems

I first had the opportunity to engage Mehroz and his team for one of our internal web based projects, and I quickly learned that regardless of the scope of the project, he is extremely helpful and responsive to the professional needs.

– Mr. Y.P. Singh
Head- Products & Technology Centre Fenesta Building Systems Gurgaon, Haryana.


– 20% decrease in the variance in first month of implementation.
– It lead to drastic improvement in the handling of raw material and finished product inventory management.
– Visibility of each order in supply chain for each stake holder.
– Better planning for finished product fitting team.
– Overall improvement in the entire Order-2- Handling process.

– Effective handling of clients orders.
– Visibility to management on each order.
– Increase accountability of each stage manager for any variance in TAT.
– Drastic improvement across supply chain.

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