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Haan Pro Logistic

International Courier Company Process Automation System

Haan Pro Logistic, LLC is located in the industrial center of the city of Kent, King County – Washington, USA.

Haan Pro Logistic is in charge of receiving & transporting gift goods from Seattle – Washington State to Vietnam. Focusing on providing high quality transportation services & hand delivery to the receiver (Door to Door) in most provinces & cities nationwide, we are & will do everything to create convenience for customer during transactions with Haan Pro Logistic.

Project Type

  • Custom Freight forwarding and Import-Export management Portal


  • Logistics, Import-Export, Delivery, Supply Chain Management (SCM)


  • Laravel & Vue.js based large portal for courier /Delivery Company Website


Haan Pro Logistic LLC is renowned brand in its domain but they did not have any robust software solution to manage their multi-process and multi-party business activities.
So, they need a robust online platform:

– To track the each activity of the business process.

– To manage customer order and their execution

– Multi-level approval at each step of the process.

– Cargo booking and aligning the internal and client teams.

– Real-time tracking, online payment and scheduling.

– Extensive reporting for clients and internal use to increase the effectiveness of entire process.


So, the target was clear to develop web based software that can handle packages to monitor the logistics of storage and Cargo handling to their final destination and managing employees and drivers so they can track all of the activities of the company.

Features includes but not limited to:

* Order creation by employee/client
*Multi-lever Approval & alerts: Your responsible employee will receive notification that there is a new order request (From setting you can choose which employee or department’s employees or manager or whoever you want to be the responsible for receiving the new order request notification).
* The responsible employee in the previous point will approve the order.
* A notification will be sent to the receiver.
* The responsible employee in the previous point will assign this order to an employee (like a driver for example).
* He will confirm the receive action and confirm the receiver address and the money he will collect from him or from the sender if its a prepaid service.
* Then he will have some actions either on dashboard like postpone the shipment, discard, or delive, …. And everyone from this Is directly

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Could not recommend AHA Technocrats more! This is a great experience of working with them. Very experienced, honest and time saver. I highly recommend using their services


– Denny Nguyen
CTO, Haan Pro Logistic, LLC


– Live Notifications: with a tone you, your clients and your employees will never miss a notification
– SMS Notifications
– Dynamic Workflow: Who & What management.
– Integrated Backup System. QR & Bar code based shipment slips & lot more

– Improve overall productivity of the process and company.
– Delivery of shipments on time.
– Reduction in enquiry calls.
– Freight cost reduction due to improvement in overall process.

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