Why Should You Hire A Remote Web Designer For Your Business?

Published on :27-June-2022

Remote work has become as common as it is working from office (WFO) especially in IT and software development industry. Post COVID world has accepted the huge cost benefits of hiring remote designers compared to hiring fulltime in-house developers which cost almost 50% more than the remote one. A remote designers work dedicatedly on client’s projects, and they don’t need to be on-site and on client payroll to complete their work.

According to Indeed’s remote work survey, 72% of companies with remote work force say developers are more productive, while another 22% say remote workers are equally as productive, and only 3% say that remote workers are less productive.

Whether you need a new website for your business, SaaS App, mobile app or a new banner for your blog, remote designers can help you with these visual elements of your business. With the right support team, you can easily find someone who is interested in becoming an integrated part of your team.

In this blog post, you will get to know how to find the perfect remote web designer for your needs.

What is a Remote Web Designer?

A remote web designer is someone who can create and design your website from wherever they are in the world. They can also create banner ads, social media ads, and more for your site, which can include logos, images, and other visual elements.

Remote Web Designer

Remote web designers can work on a project-by-project basis, which is great for businesses that don’t have a consistent flow of work. You can hire a remote designer to work on a project, and then you don’t need to worry about finding someone new every time you have a new project. If you want to hire someone to create a new website for your business, or you just want to spruce up the design of your current site, a remote designer is a great choice

Finding the right remote designer for your business

Finding the right remote designer for your business can be a challenge. You’re not hiring someone who is physically next to you, so it can be hard to pick just the right person for the job. AHA Technocrats can help you to find a reliable, creative, innovative and highly experience web designer with the experience ranging from 2 years to 10 years. So, we can provide your best of the talent and minimize your risk of finding the wrong one.


However, with us, we make the hiring process (Contract to hire) way easier for you. We offer a one-week TRIAL to hire remote web designers so that you can understand the way the designer is working, and how adaptable the designer is to your requirements. So that you end up working with the right person that fulfills all your web design needs.

How to find the right Web Designer

The first thing you need to do when hiring a web designer is to determine what your needs and requirements are. You have to think about several things before making a decision, such as the skill set and experience of the candidate, the tools and software they use, and the type of project they are qualified to work on.

Your design needs also depend on a variety of factors, such as your target audience, your brand identity, and the message you want to deliver, among others. You should also consider how your website will work on different devices.

In short, you have to consider all the things that make up a great website so you can find the best person to build yours. Some of these qualities also apply to your team members, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for in a web designer so you can find someone who can fit in with the rest of the team.

Finding the Right Person

The best way to find a remote Web designer is to post a job on a remote job board, such as Upwork, LinkedIn but your will not get an assurance and free replacement warrantee if you do not like the work of the resources, we will provide you replacement if in case you don’t like the work (Which is rare) or if design decides to move on to other assignment.


If you’ve done your research and know what you’re looking for and what skill set you need, you should have no trouble finding someone to hire at AHA Technocrats. Keep in mind that websites like Upwork have a reputation for having lots of scammers, so beware and always be careful when dealing with people there.

Why hire from us?

There are many benefits to hiring a remote web designer from us, however, we have compared a list of all the prominent ones here:

Other Websites AHA Technocrats
You share the details, create a brief, and then get the designer you want. You share the details, and we find the perfect talent for you from our in-house talent pool.
You have to approach every potential designer in order to find the right one. We get you a list of all the potential designers that will fit perfectly with your requirements and also you will be benefited with technology-MIX we have.
Apart from the designing skills, you have to do a strong background check before working with the person. We gather all the details for you at once and then you simply pick the best for yourself.
You need to be 100% sure before hiring them because of the uptight contracts and systems. We provide a 1-week trial through which you can consider the designer’s profile adequately and can make the best decision without any pressure.
How can you benefit more by hiring from us?
  • You can share your requirements, thoughts, ideas, and plans with us if you are considering having a digital platform for your company.
  • We’ll provide you with the CVs of accredited website designers who specialize in the area of website design you require assistance with.
  • Once you’ve selected designers from the provided CVs, we will arrange interviews. It will help you determine the skills and abilities they have to accomplish your task.
  • We’ll assist you throughout the project, so if you have any queries or issues, you can speak to our designers at any time.
Summing up

While hiring a remote worker is cost-effective, there are many benefits to hiring a remote Web designer, including the ability to hire people in different time zones, hiring people who are outside of your hiring radius, and tapping into a wider talent pool.

A leading resource outsourcing company like AHA Technocrats can find you a person who is easy to work with, reliable, and has excellent communication skills.

Still, confused about whether to hire one or not? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back, connect with our experts and we’ll make sure that you go satisfied by our end.

A special thank you for your commitment to our content. We’re thrilled to have readers like you who delve into the details.

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